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http://ljmob.ru/read/user/fuelon [May. 17th, 2010|08:15 am]

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test [May. 17th, 2010|08:08 am]
sdfdsf dsfds sdf sd fsd sd fds fds fds http://pics.kz/s1/f6/54/a7/c5/f654a7c5822403ad104d73c77bed297d.png

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Тестирую, выбираю аватар, стиль. [Dec. 7th, 2004|02:04 pm]
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Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a result of continuous work to define an industry wide specification for
developing applications that operate over wireless communication networks. The scope for the WAP Forum is to define
a set of specifications to be used by service applications. The wireless market is growing very quickly and reaching new
customers and providing new services. To enable operators and manufacturers to meet the challenges in advanced
services, differentiation, and fast/flexible service creation, WAP defines a set of protocols in transport, session and
application layers. For additional information on the WAP architecture, refer to “Wireless Application Protocol
Architecture Specification” [WAP].
It is not always suitable to push content that is executed or rendered (the term “executed” is used throughout this
document to refer either to “executed” or “rendered”) directly upon reception to a mobile device, especially if the client
is busy with other activities such as executing another service. This is due to the fact that memory and/or processing
constraints found in many mobile devices are such that neither storing nor processing content in such a situation is
Another disadvantage of pushing content directly to a mobile client is that this may interfere with an executing service
that is utilising the bearer used for push, which will deteriorate the end-user experience of that service.
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